How to Style a Newsboy Cap for Any Occasion

Newspaper salespeople first wore the newsboy cap, often referred to as a
paperboy cap, newsie cap, or newsy, in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It
resembles a flat cap in that they both have a low, rounded profile and a short
visor and are frequently made of tweed. The special quality of the Newsboy cap is it can be worn on different occasions by men and women; like it can be worn casually, for sporting, at parties, etc. Although it was primarily used for sport shooting and hunting, the upper class also adopted the hat.

As you know, these caps come in different varieties and styles and every style has
its own impression. These caps are an addition to make you look more classy and

In this blog, we are going to describe some occasions on which the Newsboy cap
can be styled accordingly to enhance your look:

- Formally:
As the newsie caps have their own style and appearance, it has the power to
enhance the appearance of any person of any gender.  These caps give a trendy and catchy look when worn on a formal look. These caps add a little bit of impression to your casual look. So, we can say undoubtedly that these caps are a perfect fit for your casual look.
The perfect way to style Newsboy caps formally is to wear them with light-
colored formal pants and shorts with loafers.

- Casually:
The Newsboy cap can also be styled casually as these caps have different
varieties and designs that go really well on the casual look and enhance your
casual appearance.
Put on a newsie cap to present a polished yet relaxed image when having a
professional hang out with co-workers or a casual meeting in a coffee shop. It
goes well with chinos, jeans, blazers, or cargo pants.

- At or in Sports Activities:
Let me tell you the knowledge statement about the Newsboy caps, these caps
are also known as golf caps. So, there is no doubt that these caps are made
for the purpose of sports too.
This is not necessary that only sports persons should wear these caps during
playing but the audience can also wear them.
A Newsboy cap is an amazing way to accessorize your sportswear and create
a fashion statement, whether you are taking part in the game or watching from
the side-lines. Wear your flat cap with cargo pants, sports jackets, jeans, and
the like for a classy appearance when you're going to a basketball game or
other sporting event.

- Special Occasions:
As you have worn these newsboy caps casually and formally, you can also
wear them on special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, dinner
parties, celebrations, etc.
You can even wear these caps every month of the year which means the
Newsboy caps are made to style in every season. If talking about the winter
season, you can wear your newsie cap on the woollen suit or V- Neck sweater
to make you look more classy.
It is a must-have accessory because this form of the cap works well for
everyday casual looks and can also be turned into an exquisite fit for special
occasions. These caps are highly adaptable and may be worn for a variety of
settings, from weddings to dinner parties, lunch with co-workers to golf clubs.

Instructions for care of the Newsboy cap:
Taking care of such caps is quite difficult as the fabric of these caps is quite delicate and sensitive. The fabric of these woollen caps needs different care and
So, to keep your Newsboy cap fresh and crisp, you need to follow the given
- Wash these caps in lukewarm water and choose the best conditioner for
washing your flat caps.
- Avoid the brim from getting wet from the cap.
- Now, you need to immerse the back of the cap for about 5 to 10 minutes and
then clean it from back to front.
- Check the cap; it is completely cleaned or not?
- Hold the cap until the water runs clear from the cap.
- Blot your flat cap with a towel to absorb the water from your cap as much as
- Now, you need to put your cap on the dry rack in its own shape for the drying
- Do not put your cap where it will exposure directly to sunlight or heat.
- Avoid washing the brim of your flap cap until it is dirty.

Taking care of your flat cap properly will help to improve its longevity and look.
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