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One of the most popular accessories. Fedora hats have been a classic for more than a century. Elegant or casual, there are countless styles and materials for these hats.

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Since 1891, people have been using the term "fedora." The play Fédora by Victorien Sardou, composed for Sarah Bernhardt in 1882, is where the name "fedora" originates. Bernhardt wore a soft-brimmed hat with a center crease throughout the play. In 1924, when Edward, Prince of Wales first wore them, they quickly gained popularity among men for their fashionable appearance and capacity to shield the wearer's head from wind and rain.

A trilby, which often has a pointy, slightly short crown and a short brim tucked up just at the back, is sometimes mistaken for it, but the two forms are distinct. This timeless hat is constructed of leather, wool felt, or straw and can have a wide or short brim.

When it comes to popularity and versatility, Fedora hats remain at the top. With so many materials, designs, and brands to choose from, these hats have evolved to be the most sought-after accessories. Not just worn by men, fedoras are equally popular among women.

Why fedora hats?

Fedora hats are renowned for a variety of different visual features. They often have soft brims that may be snapped up or down to suit the wearer's preference. When looking for new wardrobe additions, we have grown accustomed to the distinctive look that the hat's crown creates when it is normally pinched at the sides and in the front. The fedora hat for men was one of the most appreciated headwear of the 20th century.

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What's the difference between fedora & trilby?

Trilby hats can easily be confused with a fedora. Both have crowns with a central slit and pinched at the front. But the crown of the trilby is usually more pointed than that of the fedora.
The brim of trilby hats is usually shorter than fedora hats and is usually raised upwards at the back. This is the most distinctive feature.

What is a fedora hat made of?

A well-made fedora hat is a must. Traditionally, fedoras were made of fur-felt or wool-felt. Today fedoras are available in any material from cotton, wool, suede, straw, and leather. With the passage of time, fedoras have evolved in shapes and designs.

When should you wear a fedora?

Fedoras well suits formal and semi-formal attires. But today you can see people wearing fedoras in a more casual manner. You can pair a straw hat with a T-shirt and jeans and you are good to go.

Is Fedora a gangster hat?

During the 1920s, when men’s fashion was at its peak, the fedora began to establish itself as a recognizable fashion icon for gangsters like Al Capone and Hollywood personalities and film stars like Humphrey Bogart. Since gangsters flaunted their wealth and rank in public, the fedora wasn't simply for gentlemen and normal working-class guys.

Are Fedora’s still stylish today?

The Fedora looks best when paired with a formal suit as it gives a more
classic look. If you will look at the peak of men’s headwear, you will notice them pairing it with a suit and a tie which puts Fedora in the category of more formal attire. When paired with the right outfit, Fedora’s will make you stand
out in a crowd.