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Elevate your outfit with a newsboy cap. These caps are made up of 8 panels, a short visor and a button at the top. Shop online from our wide range of newsies. We've got the cap you're looking for any occasion.

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Newsboy caps continue to be popular despite the years that have passed since their introduction. Also know as eight panels cap, newsie, gatsby or bakerboy cap. Thanks to Peaky Blinders, newsboy caps have become immensely popular among the young generations. Modern newsies know no genders. They are worn by men and women.

What are Newsboy caps?

The Newsboy cap often has a crown made up of eight pieces, each of which is stopped and linked in the middle by a button covered in the hat's fabric. The Newsboy is soft and frequently sagging on one side, with a short stiff brim formed of a windlass.

Fabrics Newsboy caps are made of

The Newsboycaps that the workers wore was composed of durable materials, including wool to protect against the winter's chill Today, newsboy caps are available in an extended range of materials. You can get a newsboy cap made of wool, leather, denim, cotton, tweed, linen and corduroy

A wool or leather cap are best suited for winter. Summer newsies are made up of cotton or linen due to their soft material and ability to stay dry even with head perspiration.

Our Collection

Ghelter offers various caps including baseball caps, flat caps, newsboy caps, docker caps, etc. We offer a wide collection of newsboy caps available in different materials and colors for you to choose the one that best suits you. A newsboy cap can last for a long time if taken care of properly and will always add a little touch of sophistication to your outfit.

We at Ghelter have something for everyone when it comes to Newsboy caps. In our collection you will find a wide variety of colors and patterns (plain, tartan, striped, herringbone, plaid, houndstooth, etc.)

FAQ Content:

1. What is a newsboy cap?

Call it a newsboy cap, newsie cap, 8-paneled cap, or baker boy hat, it’s a casual-wear cap similar in style to the flat cap. These caps were famous among working-class boys and men in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As the name suggests, it was worn by boys selling newspapers on the street or delivering them to their doorsteps. A newsboy cap is a rounded cap with a low profile and a small, stiff brim, similar to a flat cap.

2. How should a newsboy cap fit?

Although it was traditionally worn by boys and men, today it has found popularity among women too. A man's newsboy cap should typically be flat or perpendicular to the ground. With normally between a half and an inch between the ear and the side of the hat, the brim of the hat should be worn closely against the forehead. The front brim of the newsboy cap can occasionally be worn declining, putting less pressure on the forehead.

3. What goes well with a newsboy cap?

Put on the newsboy with your everyday attire. They look great when worn with a chic jacket and high-end dress pants or jeans. These will look good with a relaxed suit. Do not go overboard with this viewpoint, but keep in mind that the hat will give your outfit a more historical feel.  To make the newsboy hat feel truly authentic and lively, wear it with your contemporary attire.

4. Washing tips for newsboy caps

To care for your newsie, you must first identify its material. Wash it with lukewarm water. Use a gentle washing liquid. Don’t make the mistake of drying it in the dryer. Most newsboy caps shrink when placed in a dryer. Instead, let it air dry.

5. When should a newsboy hat be worn?

It depends upon the season. If it’s spring or summer, then caps made of linen and cotton are best, while caps made from wool, corduroy or leather are best suited for the winter season. You can wear it for everyday activities. It's ideal for trips, park strolls, dinners with friends, and shopping.