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Once considered a rich man’s hat, a trilby hat is popular for both casual and more formal looks. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, an office function, or just a casual stroll in the park, a trilby hat will make you look elegant on each occasion.

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A trilby is typically a narrow-brimmed hat. It has a brim that is angled down at the front and folds slightly at the back. The hat derives its name from the stage adaption of the novel “Trilby” written by George du Maurier. The lead actress of the play wore this type of hat, and soon it became popular. Traditionally made from rabbit hair felt, a trilby is available in many materials ranging from tweed, cotton, leather, and wool.

Trilby hats reached their peak in the 1960s when the lower head clearance in American automobiles made it impossible to wear high-crown hats while driving. It soon faded out of fashion in the 1970s, when men started to maintain their hairstyles instead. It saw a comeback in popularity in the early 1980s when men’s and women’s headgear was marketed in an attempt to capitalize vintage fashion trend.

A trilby is often mistaken for a Fedora hat. Yet its petite size and smaller brim upturned at the back make it distinct from other hats. It’s perfect to give you a subtle and minimal look. Whether paired with a formal suit or a casual outfit like a t-shirt and jeans in the summer, our Panama summer trilby hat will add make you look dashing while protecting you from the sun.

Our Plymouth wool trilby hat with a diamond crown can bring the same amount of refinement during the winter. For a casual yet stylish look you can opt our Lemont Genuine Leather Trilby Hat.

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How is a trilby hat different from a fedora hat?

The prime distinction between a trilby and a Fedora is determined by its brim size. Fedoras have a brim size larger than 2 inches, while a trilby has a very short brim, with no protection from the sun. The crown might be the element of confusion in both hats, but trilby crowns are pointier than Fedora crowns.

Which face shape suits a trilby the best?

If you have a short and oval-shaped face, a trilby would be a great add-on for you. If you were fortunate enough to have an oval face, any form of hat would look good on you. The medium brim could provide balance to a short face.

How to wear a trilby hat?

You can wear a trilby for both a casual and a formal look. The traditional, fashionable approach would be to wear it like a fedora: from the front of your head to the rear, with a very small side tilt. Wearing it on the back of your head with the bottom of the brim visible will give you an informal look. When worn with a field jacket over jeans and a t-shirt, the trilby is the ideal finishing touch.

How to care for a trilby hat?

For preventing dust from settling on hats, store them in a covered box. To maintain its shape, make sure you grasp it by its brim. Don’t touch your hat with dirty hands. Unless the fibers are synthetic, avoid using liquid cleaners on the hat. To remove stains on the spot, dab a little water and mild detergent on a white, clean cloth. Rinse by wiping with a cloth that has been dipped in plain water, then let it air dry.

How to wear a trilby hat in winter?

During winter you can pull off a trilby hat by pairing it with a shirt, trousers, and a tweed jacket. For a casual look, you can go for a leather jacket and pair of boots. A trilby suits people of all heights, so it’s up to you how you style it.