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Bucket hats, also known has fisherman hats, have always been in fashion. They are perfect to give you that stylish and adorable look. Choose one for yourself today from our wide collection of bucket hats.

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Bucket hats have been in existence since the 1900s. They were originally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen as raingear composed of wool or tweed fabric. In many places, it is known by different names. In Australia, it is known as a Giggle hat, a Tembel hat in Israel, Beppehatt in Sweden, Bob in France, and Reni hat in the U.K.

Bucket hats are those having a narrow downward-sloping brim. Throughout history, they have been functional headwear, protecting farmers from rain. In the last decades, the functionality of these hats has been pushed into mainstream fashion to create a trendy look.

Bucket hats are a classic way to look attractive and feel good wherever you go. They have a wide brim, which makes them ideal for hiking in the woods or finding shade on hot days. Hats are a must-have staple in every closet thanks to additional features like eyelets, spectacular graphic designs, and adjustable chin straps.

Any outfit would look great with a bucket hat as a fun accessory. These adorable hats are noticeable in a crowd. They are helpful for shielding your eyes from the sun because of their downward-sloping brims. This accessory is worn by men and women in all seasons.

Ghelter has a huge variety of bucket hats to choose from. We have these cute hats in multiple designs and materials. You can buy our reversible hats, fur hats, cotton, or corduroy hats. These hats will no doubt give you that stylish look and make you stand out in the crowd


Why are bucket hats popular?

First worn in the 1900s by Irish farmers and fishermen as protection against the sun, these hats never went out of fashion. It was first adopted as a high fashion item in the 1960s. It has been in and out of fashion since. In the last few decades, it has found its place in mainstream fashion because of its utility and trendy look.

Are bucket hats still trendy in 2023?

The one-word answer to this question is ‘yes’. Bucket hats are way trendy in 2023. They have continuously gained popularity and evolved over the years. They are not popular among Gen-Z only. You can find people of all age groups wearing them.

Which season is the best to wear a bucket hat?

Since bucket hats are available in different materials, they can be worn in all seasons accordingly. During summer, you can go for cotton or denim bucket hats and in winter you can wear a fur hat against the harsh weather.

How can I wash my bucket hat?

Most bucket hats can be washed in a washing machine. If there are stains on your hat, then start by scrubbing them with a mild detergent. You can soak it in soap water for some time also and rinse it with water afterward.

How to wear a bucket hat?

First select a bucket hat according to your style and personality. The hat should fit comfortably on your head, not too tight or too baggy and not cover your eyes.