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From the middle of the 19th century, porkpie hats have been famous. It got its name from the popular British dish “pork pie”. This hat was the most sought-after hat in the USA thanks to silent film actor Buster Keaton.

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The defining features of a porkpie hat are the flat crowns and short brims that are, usually turned up all the way around. If you're searching for a relaxed yet stylish alternative to the classic fedora, a pork pie hat is ideal for you. What makes this hat so unusual is the stingy brim that encircles its flat top.

Additionally, these hats used to be a common choice among women looking for a nice cap to go with their wigs. But as time went on, they started putting porkpies in men's clothes. One well-known wearer of the hat was the American actor Buster Keaton, whose personal fashion sense and films prominently display it.

More men have come to appreciate how comfortable the hat is as well as how well it matches their entire style since Buster Keaton's influence on the media increased.

Porkpie hats are available in different designs to suit different styles. At Ghelter you will get different styles, materials, and colors to choose from. We have cotton, leather, wool, linen, straw and felt porkpie hats. You can go for wide or narrow-brimmed hats.

With a porkpie, you can choose different styles depending on the occasion. The feathers of the porkpie are ideal to give your look that classic touch.

Hats made of wool, leather or thick cotton can be worn throughout the winter. While porkpie hats made of linen or straw will be more suitable for summer.


Why are they called porkpie hats?

These are called porkpie hats because of their resemblance to a pork pie, a famous British dish. A porkpie hat is a round hat with a flat crown and a turned-up brim. It looks much similar to the porkpies, which could be spotted in every bakery window in Britain.

Is there a difference between a fedora and a porkpie hat?

The main difference between a fedora and a porkpie is the shape of the crown. Porkpie hats have a rounded crown, flat on top with a slight slit around the crown. Fedora hats have a sharper, sunken crown with a teardrop shape at the top. The brim of fedora hats is usually longer than porkpies

How can I wear a porkpie hat?

You can wear a porkpie hat in different ways depending upon the way you like the. You can wear them flat on your head. They look best when your hat is just sitting on your head not too tight. You can wear them both in summer and winter, use the most suitable porkpie hat according to the time of the year.

Why should I get a porkpie hat?

If you want that classic refined look while wearing a suit, then you should definitely get a porkpie hat. These hats are known to bring out the strong jaws and more prominent features of a man. These hats look great on women too. In fact, they were originally worn by British women with ribbons and feathers attached to them.

Which face shape suits a porkpie hat the best?

If you have a long, short, and oval-shaped face, then you should definitely try porkpie hats. You should go for a trilby hat if you have a round or a square-shaped face. A porkpie hat has a lower crown than a Fedora hat making it ideal for tall people who don’t want to add more to their height.