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The world's most popular cap style. If the U.S.A. were to have a national headwear, it would be a baseball cap. Anyone can wear it, regardless of age, gender or nationality. You can elevate any outfit with them.

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Find your perfect baseball cap from our wide collection

Originally invented to keep the sun out of American players’ eyes, today there is room for designer baseball caps in anyone's wardrobe because they are simple to wear, adaptable, and come in a huge range of styles and colors. A cap is a perfect element to add to your outfit, whether casual or formal.

Baseball caps are not just made for baseball team players. More than 40 million caps are sold annually in the United States. It is obvious that all of those caps don't just go to sporting teams. This cap style became increasingly trendy in the early 1990s.

With so much variety available in the market, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Our great variety of hats has something for everyone, from vintage baseball caps to trendy denim ones. Our collection has no gender or age. You can find baseball caps for everyone.

Ghelter has a huge variety of baseball caps. You name it, we have it. From trendy corduroy, denim, and leather baseball caps to cotton and wool baseball caps, we have everything in our stock. You will find every color and pattern in our collection.

Now that you know everything about baseball caps, shop from Ghelter today! Happy shopping!


Difference between baseball caps and snapback caps?

The main difference between these two styles of cap is the shape of the visor. Baseball caps have a curved shape while snapback caps have a flat visor. Apart from this, snapback caps often have a higher and stiffer crown.

What types of baseball cap designs are there?

You can find lots of variations in baseball caps. Based on how they fit your head and how they are made, there are many distinct styles. Fitted, snapback, strapback, flexvit, trucker, and 5-panel styles are among them. They can be made of cotton, wool, leather, denim, synthetic, or even linen.

When should you not wear a baseball cap?

There are some situations where wearing a baseball cap is inappropriate, despite the fact that it is an excellent way to protect yourself from the sun. For instance, it is strongly advised against wearing a baseball cap to a formal event like a wedding, job interview, or funeral.

How do I choose my baseball cap size?

Generally most baseball caps are adjustable and the size is universal. So it is very easy to find the right size no matter what size you are.

Caps for women usually range from 54 to 59cm and for men range from 58-63cm.

How Can I wash my baseball cap?

You can clean your baseball cap without a washing machine. Just add some laundry detergent in a basin or sink filled with water and soak your cap in it. Soak it for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse your hat with water. Gently squeeze your hat to remove any excess water, but be careful with the brim. Twisting it can bend it out of shape.