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Docker caps, also known as brimless caps, are no longer only worn by bearded dock workers. These caps have found their way into mainstream fashion. Perfect to match any casual or vintage style!

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Why choose a docker cap?

The historic heritage of the docker cap dates back almost a century. Its common name comes from the eagerness with which dock and harbor workers wore it. Due to its cut, it is also frequently referred to as a brimless cap. While it doesn't have a peak, which makes it more comfortable to wear, the dockworkers' main concerns were comfort and protection from the cold.

Docker caps have become common in everyday fashion, whether it's winter, summer, spring or autumn. Men and women of all ages are fond of docker caps.

When to wear a docker cap?

Docker caps can refine your outfits. They are available in multiple materials and designs. You can choose the one according to the season and your style. They are extremely functional despite the absence of a visor.

Docker caps give the person wearing them extra visibility because it don't have a visor. When wearing regular caps, you are forced to decide between clear vision and having your entire head covered. If not, you will need to remove your cap every five minutes. However, a docker cap offers both comfort and total coverage during the summer and the winter.

Today’s fashion heeds no gender. Docker caps can be worn by everyone. If you think you don’t have a hat face or the fashion sense to wear one, fear not, everyone can wear this cap. Whether you're looking for a vintage look or a more casual style, docker caps are a perfect option.

It comfortably fits all skull shapes and sizes because of its minimalist design. This cap will not let you down, regardless of whether you have a large, tiny, round, or thin head. Additionally, because of its multipurpose design, it will stick with you at social gatherings as well as business meetings.

What Ghelter has to offer?

You can find a large assortment of caps at Ghelter. From corduroy, denim, and winter-lined leather caps to wool docker caps, we have everything to sell. You can also have our beanie hats which are perfect for winter. You will be surprised to find the colors and designs that we are offering. Next time you are planning to buy caps online, remember us!


Who can wear a docker hat?

The skull cap is another name for the docker hat, which has long been associated with sailors. It is usually worn by dockworkers at ports, hence it is commonly referred to as a docker hat. Docker caps don't just provide the best defense against rough waters. The hat that was once only worn by dockworkers is now a fashionable must-have.

What goes well with a docker cap?

Beanie is a variety of docker caps. The cap fits almost any style because of its simple structure. Whether it's a leather jacket, bomber jacket, or even a big down jacket, a beanie looks great with them. In contrast to the traditional docker's cap, the beanie may be pulled down to cover the ears for superior wind and ice protection.

When can a docker cap be worn?

As docker caps are available in different materials, they can be worn in almost every season. Knitted docker caps or beanies are perfect against the harsh cold whereas cotton docker caps are best suited for summers. For a trendy look, you can wear corduroy, denim, or a leather cap.

How to choose a docker cap?

When purchasing a docker cap, it is often a good idea to go with neutral colors, because there is more room for the clothes you are wearing. Navy blue, gray, brown, or black are excellent choices so that you may simply match your cap with your clothing.

How to maintain a docker cap?

To minimize risk, it is advised to wash it by hand. Start by soaking your cap in soapy water to complish this. If there are any stains, scrub them with a tiny brush. A dry cloth or sponge should be used to queeze it after giving it a final rinse in clear water. Don’t make the mistake of drying them in a dryer as they can shrink. Air dry them instead.