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Keep it trendy with a snapback cap on your head. Adjustable caps with snap backs and flat visor for a comfortable yet sporty look. Check out our great snapback caps collection.

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The snapbacks are one of many types of baseball caps and get their name from the adjustable strap at the back. This is the major advantage of a snapback cap over other caps as there is no issue regarding its size. You can always adjust it to your liking and size. Its popularity grew in the 90s, thanks to many prominent hip-hop artists. Snapbacks are characterized by a wide flat brim at the front.

Baseball caps weren't socially acceptable to wear off fields until the late 1970s. Today you can find tons of different styles like fitted caps, trucker hats, and dad caps. The distinct characteristics of a snapback cap are:

Adjustable strap:

Snapbacks can be recognized by the type of adjustable straps at the back, which are made of plastic and can be adjusted by snapping the buttons. Dad hats typically have a metallic closure whereas fitted caps have no closure at all.


Snapbacks have a wide flat brim. In contrast, dad caps have a round pre-shaped brim.

Front panels:

Modern snapbacks have a 6-panel design as opposed to the 8-panel design of vintage snapbacks. They also tend to be stiffer and more structured, resulting in an enhanced design.

What will you find at our store?

If you are looking for a snapback to fit your style, then Ghelter has you covered. You can find multiple snapbacks in different designs, colors, prints, and materials here. Woman, man or kid, we have got something for everyone. From vintage caps to the latest trends. Find caps on sale with up to 60% discount!

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What is a snapback cap?

A snapback is a type of baseball cap that has grown popular over the last few decades. They have got their name because of the adjustable strap at the back, which can be adjusted by snapping them. They became popular during the 90s.

How do I choose a snapback?

Snapbacks are a cool way to elevate your appearance. You can choose a cap with your favorite team's logo to show your support. If you are new to the snapback game, you can choose a minimalistic cap that goes with your style.

How can I style a snapback?

Styling your outfit with a snapback is easy. You can choose a bold color to style your basic t-shirt and shorts during the summer. Add a sporty sneaker and you are good to go. You can style your snapback with a hoodie, cargo pants, and boots in winter.

Is it okay to wear a snapback backward?

Yes, it's perfectly fine to wear your snapback backward as it gives you a different and stylish look. While wearing a snapback backward make sure that the strap back of your cap is placed high on your head with the brim pointing downwards. Having the brim level higher than the closure can leave marks on your forehead.

Why do people wear snapbacks?

Snapbacks caps have grown in popularity over the last few years. It is a very comfortable cap and easy to combine with a sporty look. Its size is adjustable to any head and will protect you from the sun.